Intelligent bypass management. Better sleep.

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Real time bypass monitoring and risk assessment to reduce the likelihood and severity of accidents.

Bypassed safety systems are often identified as the root cause of catastrophic events. Bypasses are necessary but build up over time, creating a hidden risk. Use CriticalDefeat for complete bypass visibility, real-time risk assessment.

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Complete Bypass Visibility

  • View all active bypasses in one place

  • Filter by plant, person, device type, and more

  • Understand origin and length of bypasses

  • Inspect by count or duration

Image for Real-time Risk Assessment

Real-time Risk Assessment

  • Quantify risk and determine health status

  • Visualize how a bypass affects system functionality

  • Grade current state against design-basis to find anomalies

Image for Historical Analysis

Historical Analysis

  • Graph bypasses over time

  • Dig in to event timelines

  • Analyze by count or duration