Combining the industrial know-how of Spartan Controls and the machine learning expertise of BlueMarvel AI, BlueMarvel software is designed to provide insight into your operations.

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Invaluable Insights from Intuitive Software

How it Works

When you get a BlueMarvel software product, we'll work with you to setup our software stack unintrusively into your system (on-prem or in the Cloud).

Making the Most of Your Process Data

Our proprietary digital pipeline transforms your data into an ML-usable format. Afterwards, our individual software products analyzes and conveys the information most important to you, enabling you to make better decisions and eliminate problems.

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Product Roadmap

On Roadmap

  • Carbon Clarity
  • Production Loss Tracker
  • Constraint Analysis
  • Production Optimizer

In Development

  • DCS Logs Diagnosis
  • Carbon Tracker
  • Pump Monitoring
  • Equipment Monitoring


  • Control Performance
  • Energy
  • Process Monitoring
  • Operations Metrics
  • OT Support