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The Marvel of AI

BlueMarvel AI is an Alberta-based Industrial Operations Applied AI solutions company. We combine our deep knowledge of operating challenges - existing and emerging - with technological solution development expertise to help Operating Functions capture value through applied AI.

Our capabilities are put to work in a number of ways, but the goal remains consistent. We generate insights and predictions that are of particular importance to the industrial process industry: Sustainability, Safety, Throughput, and Cost. After all, it's all the outcomes that matter.

Currently, process control systems gather and securely transmit process data for computation. This hard-coded approach is ripe for disruption by adaptive self-learning solutions. As AI transforms industries, early adopters stand to gain the most.

BlueMarvel AI draws on its deep knowledge of operations technology, industrial process control, and risk management to assist an Operator's drive for excellence. We have walked in our customers' shoes. We connect outcomes to their key drivers. We generate predictive insight to help decision-makers improve results.

BlueMarvel AI is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and is a proud subsidiary of Spartan Controls

Wanting to augment your data-driven operational insights further to drive continuous improvement?

We offer professional services as well as solution execution that fits your business needs. Contact us to get started.

Our Focus

Everything we do is geared to help our customers deliver exceptional operating results through applied AI.


  • Emission Reduction
  • Energy Efficiency


  • Industrial Process
  • Personal HS&E


  • Direct Efficiency
  • Indirect Efficiency


  • Productivity
  • Reliability


This software solutions brand was inspired by an image of the earth taken by the Apollo 17 crew on their way to the moon in 1972. Nobody had seen our planet like this ever before. One of the most reproduced images in history, it was (and still is) a marvel.

Five decades later, industrial Operators will be presented with solutions nobody has been able to provide. It will be marvelous.

“The Blue Marble” was a marvel, hanging in the vastness of space.
Similarly, AI will revolutionize the industry.

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